Thursday, April 18, 2019
Supply Chain
Consulting Services
We Offer a Full Range of Services to Improve the Support Areas of your Facility
Supply Chain Management
(Supply Distribution logistics, Sterile Processing, Expense Management)


  • Operations Improvement / work flow redesign
  • Interim Management
  • Supply Cost Reduction / Optimization (Non Labor Expense Reduction Program (NLERP))
  • Materials Management System Optimization

Expert support including management training, policy and procedure development, regulatory (JCAHO) preparation, staff training, and work flow process review. In addition, we supply interim management and recruit/replace service as needed.

Supply Chain logistics improvement, ranging from order satisfaction through complete redesign.

Non Labor Expense Reduction Program (NLERP):
A dramatic improvement program that significantly reduces supply spending in all areas of the facility, ranging from pharmaceuticals, food products, medical products (including physician preference items), non medical products, and purchased services.

Risk Management:
Complete review of claims history, loss management and prevention processes, and existing policies for active improvement in insurance and other costs of risk management, including medical malpractice, general liability, automotive coverage, Director and Officer, and other coverages.

Complete licensure and regulatory survey preparation services, (CAP, JCAHO, DHS, and others) for all support services including Sterile Processing, Food & Nutrition, Laboratory Services, and Pharmacy Services.

Pharmacy Management:

Clinical pharmacy consulting and improvement services, including:

  • Operations Improvement/work flow redesign
  • Interim Management
  • Clinical Pharmacy Management services, including regulatory and compliance review and preparation services, Medication Error Prevention, Formulary optimization, and Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Optimization.