Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Implementation: The Key to Project Success

Proper implementation is the key to overall project success. All too often competing initiatives, misplaced competition and other factors common to large firms prevent full realization of the gains and improvements available.

Successful Change Requires Careful Management
The ability to achieve the full potential in an improvement process depends upon a complete understanding of the change dynamics in the organization. Role development, communications and leadership training are essential for success.
Resistance to Change Is Normal - And Manageable
Change resistance causes less than optimal results. Left to their own devices, many organizations achieve no more than 40% of the improvement possible in a change initiative. 

By contrast, CSS clients typically achieve 95% (or more) of the opportunities available, due to sound implementation management.

Managing a change process successfully requries experience, leadership and a thorough understanding of the issues surrounding the perception of the change initiatives. Identification of barriers to adoption, development of resolution pathways and achievement of closure can only be accomplished with skilled, consistent implementation management.

Training Your Organization for Continued Success

A goal of every engagement is to prepare the organization for ongoing supply cost management efforts, beyond the initial engagement

To facilitate adoption of the cost reduction initiatives, and assure the presence of ongoing cost reduction efforts, action teams are established and supported by our staff. Made up of administrative and clinical leaders and staff, these teams develop implementation strategies and education, and communication processes for the cost reduction program. During the course of the project, the groups are trained on utilization analysis, comparative review and other techniques of cost management.

The development of action teams during the implementation phase of the project assures integration of the cost reduction project throughout your organization.

"The Supply Cost Reduction Project was a cornerstone of our financial survival plan. The staff of CSS worked with our managers and vendors and quickly brought excellent results that were supported at all levels of the organization"

CEO - West Coast Community Hospital