Thursday, April 18, 2019
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It All Begins With Analysis . . .
The analytical stage of the engagement is critical to the success of the project. It is often the most resource intensive part of the process.

Using a combination of financial reviews, statistical comparisons and clinical practice assessments, we develop a comprehensive assessment of how the organization's supply cost dollars are being spent.

Client Health System Spending Analysis  



An initial analysis of spending sources is performed to identify current and past trends in expenditures. Stratification and prioritization is established as part of the analysis.
Vendor Name Spending % Change
ABC Medical $5,078,183 0%
XYZ Foodservice 2,954,246 11%
Healthcare Corporation 1,605,218 11%
123 Medical 1,398,538 19%
Radiology Supply 1,061,966 -10%
456 Supply 1,034,364 78%
ABC Company 1,001,497 -14%
Health Service Co. 851,862 48%
123 Laboratories 721,696 13%
Data ABC 698,201 -1%


Using industry standard benchmarks, cross industry comparatives and our own client information database, a comparative analysis of your firm's spending trends is developed.
  Topic Current Activity Benchmark
Forms $18.91/AOB $10.85/AOB
IV Tubing $3.49/Admin.Line $1.48/Admin. Line
LInen/Laundry $17.56/IP Day $6.50-$9.98
Cardiac Perfusion $858/Perfused Case  $492/Perfused Case
Medical-Surgical Questionnaire - IV Therapy
1. What is the current interval between IV set changes?
2. What is the current utilization of leukocyte reduction filters?
3. What IV sets are used in Surgery?
4. When are IV Pumps proscribed for use?